3.8. Replacement of lubricants of the transfer case and differentials

Transfer case


  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
  2. Get suitable drain capacity not less than 2 l under assembly of the transfer case.
  3. Turn out jellied/control (see the Section Check of Level of Working Liquids) and drain traffic jams, - the drain opening is located in the lower part of a case, - and lower oil from the transfer case in the prepared capacity.
  4. Having replaced a sealing washer, screw a drain stopper into place and tighten it with effort of 30 Nanometers.
  5. Gas station in a box of fresh oil is made through a control/jellied opening (see the Section Check of Level of Working Liquids).


The order of performing procedures is similar given above for the transfer case. Effort of tightening of drain traffic jams, as well as jellied/control 39 ÷ 54 Nanometers make, - do not forget to change sealing washers.