3.6. Replacement of motive oil and oil filter

The long contact of skin with the fulfilled motive oil is quite dangerous. Use protective cream or put on rubber gloves during the procedures described below.

Frequent replacement of motive oil is the main preventive procedure of service, to the available amateur mechanic. Eventually oil is subject to fluidifying and pollution that leads to premature wear of the engine.


  1. Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature.
  2. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props, or tire out on a viewing hole / platform.
  3. Get under a drain opening of the pallet of a case capacity about 10 l for collecting the fulfilled oil.
  1. Having put on protective rubber gloves, turn out a drain stopper and lower motive oil in the prepared capacity, correcting position of the last in process of weakening of a pressure of a stream.
  1. Check a condition of the fulfilled oil, - if at it there is metal sawdust, it indicates existence of zadir, for example, in bearings of a bent shaft. For the purpose of an exception of complications after performance of recovery repair of the engine it is necessary to clean all maslotok of the lubrication system carefully.

  1. By means of a special stripper dismantle an oil filter and its sealing ring which can remain stuck to a landing surface of a case.
  1. Wipe the engine case surface interfaced to the filter with pure rags.
  2. Slightly oil pure the NEW sealing ring and put it on the new filter.
  1. On petrol models screw oil in a reception opening of the engine so that the sealing ring nestled on the interfaced surface of the block, then hold on it for 420 ° (1 and 1/6 turns). On diesel models tighten the filter against the stop a hand, then hold on it a coupling key on 2/3 turns, the effort of tightening of the filter has to make about 19.6 ÷ of 24.5 Nanometers.
  1. Having replaced a sealing washer, screw a drain stopper and tighten it with the required effort (30 ÷ 35 Nanometers).
  2. Fill in the engine fresh oil of the required grade (see the Section Check of Level of Working Liquids).
  3. Wait about 5 minutes, then check the level of oil and, in case of need, make the corresponding adjustment.
  4. Having made a short trial trip, make sure of lack of signs of development of leak of oil through a drain stopper of the pallet and the place of a joint of the filter with a case. In case of need tighten leaky put element, then double-check the level of oil and if it is required, make the corresponding adjustment.