3.18. Check of a state and reliability of fastening of components of the chassis, suspension bracket and steering drive


  1. Can point out such symptoms as excessive rocking of the car at movement along the uneven road wear or damage of components of a suspension bracket or the steering drive or during commission of turns, loss of course stability, the increased level of vibrations, jamming of a steering wheel, etc.
  2. For assessment of a condition of shock-absorbers press one of car corners down, - at a corner otpuskaniye the body has to come back to a starting position, making no more than one-two fluctuations. Listen to the scratch and other extraneous noises published by a suspension bracket at oscillating motions of a body. Excessive quantity of raskachivaniye of a body at an otpuskaniye of the pressed corner, as well as refusal of its return to a starting position, confirm need of replacement of shock-absorbers. Working in a similar manner, serially check each of four shock-absorbers.
  3. Hang out the car above the ground.
  4. Attentively examine a frame and elements of a suspension bracket on existence of signs of deformations and other mechanical damages.
  5. Check reliability of tightening of fixture.

In total самоконтрящийся fixture after an otpuskaniye is subject to replacement without fail!

  1. Grasp bottom edge of a wheel and pull it back and forth, - existence of a side play of a brake board of rather cross lever of a suspension bracket, confirms excessive wear of a spherical support. Grasp the end of the cross lever and pull it up-down, - presence of a side play of the lever of rather rotary fist also indicates the need of careful check of a condition of a spherical support, - working in a similar manner estimate a condition of both spherical support of each of rotary fists. Visually estimate a condition of boots of spherical support. In case of need make replacement, - after replacement of spherical support do not forget to drive away the car in a specialized workshop on check/correction of angles of installation of wheels.

It is better to replace spherical support in a set.

  1. Estimate degree of wear of rubber components of a suspension bracket and the steering drive. Ask the assistant to rotate a steering wheel and visually estimate the size of a side play of the steering drive. Try to establish the reason of the weak point taking place, make necessary recovery repair, or replace defective components.
  2. Manually rotating forward wheels, try to define aurally a condition of wheel bearings, make sure of lack of a side play at rotation of wheels. Grasp a wheel in points on 12 and for 6 hours and pull it in the axial plane, - existence of a little noticeable free wheeling demonstrates weakening of a pretightness of wheel bearings.