3.23. ATF replacement


  1. Replacement of ATF has to be made on a regular basis, is strict according to the Schedule of routine maintenance of the car (see the Section Schedule of Routine Maintenance). As transmission liquid remains hot still long time after end of a trip before starting implementation of the procedure, wait for full cooling of the engine (3-4 hours).
  2. Prepare a reserve of fresh transmission liquid of the required grade, drain capacity of suitable volume, a wrench of the corresponding size and a stock of pure rags / old newspapers.
  3. Tire out the car on a platform / hang out strictly horizontally on the elevator.
  1. Get the drain capacity and all necessary stock under the pallet. Having placed properly a reception container, turn out a drain stopper. When the liquid effluence completely stops, wipe a stopper, screw it on the regular place and tighten with the required effort (24.5 Nanometers), - do not forget to replace a sealing washer.
  1. Gas station of fresh ATF is made through the directing tube of the measuring probe, - through a funnel fill in ATF to the middle of working range of a "cold" scale of an edge of the measuring probe (see the Section Check of Level of Working Liquids), then transfer transmission to situation "P", cock the parking brake and start the engine.
  2. Having serially carried out the AT selector lever through all provisions, return it to situation "P". Wait until ATF gets warm up to the temperature about 60 ÷ of 80 °C, then check liquid level on a "hot" scale of the probe. In case of need make the corresponding adjustment.
  3. During the first several days of operation of the car try to look regularly under the car, checking transmission for existence of signs of development of leaks. Double-check the ATF level, in case of need make adjustment.