16. Schemes of electric connections

Explanations to schemes, schemes

General information

In view of limitation of the place schemes of electric connections only for petrol models of the KIA Sportage cars are provided in this manual.

The abbreviations used on schemes *

AT Automatic transmission
GTTS Main brake cylinder
D/V Sensor switch
K/B Air conditioner
K/L Control lamp
PR-L Safety lock
RKPP Manual box of gear shifting
TENG Thermoelectric heating element
E/M Electromagnetic
E/MOTOR Electric motor
E/MAGN Electromagnet
4WD Four-wheel drive
ADU Block of diagnostics of safety cushions
ABS System of anti-blocking of brakes
DLC Diagnostic socket
DRL (System) of running fires of daylight
CAS Sensor of acceleration of the chassis
CKP (Sensor) of provision of a bent shaft
CMP Sensor of position of the camshaft
ECM Module of management of the engine
ECT (Sensor) of temperature of cooling liquid
IAC (System) of stabilization of turns of idling
IAT (Sensor) of temperature of the soaked-up air
J/C Connecting block
KS Detonation sensor
MAF Termoanemometrichesky sensor of measurement of mass of air
MIL Control lamp of refusals
PNP (Sensor switch) of provision of AT/permission of start
SRS System of additional safety (safety cushion)
TCC The blocking AT hydrotransformer coupling
TPS Sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
VSS Sensor of speed of the movement of the car

* The list of designations of safety locks see in Specifications to the Head Onboard electric equipment.

Codes of designation of color of isolation of an electrical wiring

BLK Black
BLU Blue
BRN Brown
GRN Green
GRY Gray
ORG Orange
PNK Pink
PPL Purple
TAN Golden
VIO Violet
WHT White
YEL Yellow

LT Light-

For example: LT GRN

Light green


For example: GRN OR BLU

Green or Blue