3.15. Replacement of spark plugs

Spark plugs should be replaced only on cold or slightly warm engine. The reversing of candles on the hot engine can entail damage of a carving to a head of cylinders.


  1. Switch off ignition and disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Remove a decorative cover of the engine.
  3. Carefully disconnect tips of VV of wires from spark plugs.

Pull not for a wire, and for a tip. Before a detachment turn tips for weakening of sealing laying a little. In case of need, disconnect tips of VV of wires from ignition coils.

  1. Compressed air, - it is possible to use the bicycle pump, - blow candle niches, then turn out spark plugs a candle key, without inclining it.
  1. Estimate a condition of spark plugs and VV of wires (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine). If necessary replace an electrical wiring and correct possible malfunctions about which it is possible to judge by a condition of candles.
  2. Screw new spark plugs, tighten them with the required effort (25 ÷ 30 Nanometers), then connect VV an electrical wiring, it is dense (before fixing) having put tips on shafts.
  3. Establish a decorative cover of the engine.