3.10. Check of a condition of boots of power shafts


  1. Boots of power shafts are very important elements since they protect the hinges of equal angular speeds (HEAS) from the hit on them of dirt, water and other foreign objects causing damages. External pollution of boots oil and lubricants can lead to premature failure of their material therefore it is recommended to wash periodically boots with water with soap.
  1. Examine boots on existence of gaps and cracks, check reliability of tightening of fixing collars. In case of detection of cracks or traces of leak of lubricant the defective boot is subject to replacement without fail.
  1. At the same time check the general condition of hinges of equal angular speeds, holding a shaft and at the same time trying to turn a wheel. Repeat attempt, holding the internal hinge of equal angular speeds and turning a shaft. Any noticeable side play indicates wear of the hinge, wear in grooves of a shaft or an otvorachivaniye of a lock nut of a shaft.