3.28. Check of a state and replacement of brushes of screen wipers

* This check in recommended by the producer Grafik THAT does not enter, however it is necessary not to forget to check from time to time a condition of working elements of screen wipers which serviceability of functioning guarantees to the driver the adequate review in rainy weather.

Check of a condition of brushes

  1. On brushes of screen wipers the road film is formed over time that leads to noticeable decrease in efficiency of their functioning, - regularly wash out brushes in the soft cleaning solution.
  2. Assemblies of screen wipers with brushes have to look round regularly on existence of cracks and signs of hardenings of rubber working elements. If in the course survey of visible signs of wear it is possible to reveal, moisten a windshield, then activate screen wipers, let's them work a little and again switch off, - violation of uniformity of cleaning of the working site of glass testifies to need of replacement of brushes, or their rubber working elements.
  3. The following belongs to number of possible causes of infringement of quality of cleaning with brushes wind/back glasses:
    • When passing by the car of an automatic sink on a windshield wax particles which can be removed by addition in the tank(s) of washing of glasses of the special detergent having ability to dissolve wax got;
    • The fat-dissolving cleaner used for gas station in the tank is not able to purify completely glass, - use liquid of other type.
  4. Mechanical damage of working elements of brushes takes place, - make replacement.
  5. During operation of the mechanism of screen wipers there can be a weakening of fasteners (for more details see the Head Kuzov), reliability of tightening and which state it is necessary to check every time at the same time with brushes.

Replacement of brushes


  1. Take away the screen wiper lever from glass and develop a brush so that to provide convenient access to plastic lock a rychazhka.
  1. Wring out a rychazhok, shift a brush frame down and release it from bent on the end in the form of a lever hook.
  1. Having grasped and having pulled for the end of a rubber working element, release lock uvulas from a metal frame.
  1. Take from side flutes of a rubber working element lamellar metal holders and put them in a replaceable element.
  1. Installation is made upside-down.