3.22. Check of turns of idling

All models


  1. Cock the parking brake, start the engine, warm up it up to the normal working temperature and leave working at single turns.
  2. Disconnect everything onboard consumers of the electric power.

Petrol models


  1. Turns of idling can are checked by one of three ways:
    • Open a cover of the diagnostic socket (DLC) fixed on the air cleaner case in the left back corner of a motive compartment of the car, and connect a positive wire of a tachometer of not inductive type to the socket IG plug;
    • Remove a decorative cover of the engine and connect a tachometer of inductive type to one of candle wires;
    • Connect to the DLC socket in a motive compartment the special scanner and having selected the corresponding item of the main menu consider the required information.
  1. Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications of the Head the Current leaving and service.
  2. Installation of turns of idling is made by the module of engine management (ECM) and does not give in to adjustment. On the basis of the analysis of information arriving from the RPM meter of a bent shaft (CKP), ECM issues the corresponding commands for the electromagnetic valve of stabilization of turns of idling (IAC), providing maintenance of frequency of single rotation of a bent shaft at the constant level regardless of the changes of load of the engine determined by a condition of the last (heated-up/not heated-up) and different activation of onboard consumers (the steering pump, the K/V compressor, etc.). For check of serviceability of functioning of the IAC valve disconnect from it an electrical wiring, - turns have to rise to value about 1000 in a minute, otherwise it is necessary to check serviceability of a condition of the valve by measurement of resistance of its winding (see the Section of System of electric equipment of the engine in the Head of the Power supply system, management of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases).

Diesel models


  1. Violation of serviceability of functioning of nozzles which have to be in this situation cleared and calibrated can be a reason for rejection of turns of idling from adjusting value. Service life of nozzles is unlimited, however at excess by a run of the car of 100 000 km the probability of their refusals increases, - performing procedures of recovery repair and calibration of nozzles should be charged to specialists of car service.
  2. Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature.
  1. Connect a tachometer and consider its indication.

The tachometer can be connected also to plugs of the diagnostic DLC socket.

  1. Compare result of measurement to the required value, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment (see Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases).