4.5.13. Replacement of epiploons of a bent shaft

Details of installation of epiploons of a bent shaft and the accompanying components (on the example of models with RKPP)

1 — the Basket of coupling
2 — the Conducted clutch plate
3 — the Flywheel
4 — the Face plate
5 — the case Pallet

6 — Maslozabornik with sealing laying
7 — Maslootrazhatel
8 — the Back cover with sealing laying (a back epiploon)
9 — Assembly of the oil pump (a forward epiploon)

Forward epiploon


  1. The forward epiploon is located in a nest in the case of the oil pump.
  2. Remove pump assembly (see the Section Removal, installation and service of the oil pump).
  3. Having hooked the screw-driver which is wrapped up by soft rags, take an epiploon from the landing nest.
  4. Manually fill a new epiploon in a landing nest in its case.
  1. By means of a press and a suitable mandrel (a piece of a pipe or a core an external dimeter of 45 mm) put an epiploon in a nest aflush with a pump housing surface, - rest a mandrel only against a firm face surface of an epiploon.
  1. Installation is made upside-down. Do not forget about need of observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head Dvigatel to efforts of tightening of carving fixture.

Back epiploon


  1. The back epiploon is put in a back cover of the engine.
  2. The order of implementation of the procedure is similar described above for petrol models (see the Section Replacement of Epiploons of a Bent Shaft).