4.4. Petrol models

The lubrication system - the general information, check of pressure of motive oil

General information

See also Undressed Diesel models.

The case pallet, the rotor oil pump, the oil cooler, full-line oil filter and maslotok of a head and the block of cylinders are among the main components of the lubrication system of the engine.

Scheme of the organization of the lubrication system of the petrol engine

1 — the Oil pump
2 — the Reducing valve
3 — the Main oil gallery
4 — the oil pressure Sensor switch

5 — the Oil filter
6 — the Operating cap
7 — Masloraspylitel of cooling of the piston

On the engines (DOHC) considered in the present manual one more important element of the lubrication system are the special masloraspylitel providing the intensive heat sink from piston assemblies, - on each piston it is provided on one spray. When oil pressure in the engine reaches critical value about 1.75 kgfs/cm2, the operating valves which are built in exhaust outlets of sprays special therefore motive oil is finely sprayed on the internal surfaces of pistons open, providing branch from the last excess of heat.

The drive of the oil pump is carried out directly from a bent shaft of the engine. The pump provides an oil intake via the mesh filter from the pallet of a case and its giving in the main oil gallery. Previously oil is banished via the full-line filter and the oil cooler and moves in the gallery laid along the side surface of the block of cylinders, providing greasing and cooling of necks of radical bearings. The rest of oil rises to components of the valvate mechanism up. Supply of lubricant to conrod bearings is provided on special through special drillings in a body of a bent shaft. Greasing of components, direct supply of oil to which is not provided, is provided due to spraying and running off of oil from adjacent surfaces. And, at last, by gravity oil flows down again in the engine case pallet then the described running cycle is repeated.

The rotor oil pump is equipped with the reducing valve providing control of pressure in system at the expense of a perepuskaniye of excess of oil back in the boat pallet.

Check of pressure of oil


  1. Release the fixing screw and connect an electrical wiring of the sensor switch of pressure of motive oil. Turn out the sensor from an engine case.
  1. Screw a carving nozzle of the manometer in an adjusting opening of the sensor.
  1. Start the engine and warm up it up to the normal working temperature.
  2. Lift engine turns to 3000 in a minute and consider the indication of the manometer. If the result of measurement exceeds the limit of admissible range (see Specifications of the Head Dvigatel), it is necessary to establish the reason for the malfunction taking place and to eliminate the last.
  3. Turn out a nozzle of the manometer and install into place the oil pressure sensor switch.
  4. Install into place the sensor and restore initial connection of an electrical wiring, - track reliability of tightening of the fixing screw.