4.5.2. Removal and installation of the engine

See also Section of System of electric equipment of the engine.

Order of dismantle of components at removal of the power unit

1 — the Generator
2 — a heater Hose
3 — the Broad tank of the cooling system
4 — the Top radiator hose
5 — the Top casing of the fan of the cooling system
6 — Assembly of the fan of the cooling system
7 — a cooling system fan drive Pulley
8 — a cooling system fan drive Belt
9 — Nizhny Novgorod a radiator hose

10 — the Belt of the drive of the K/V compressor (at the corresponding complete set)
11 — the K/V Compressor (at the corresponding complete set)
12 — the Tire of grounding of the engine
13 — engine electrical wiring Sockets
14 — the Cable of the drive of a butterfly valve
15 — the Turbocompressor
16 — a fuel supply Hose
17 — a fuel return Hose
18 — the Wire of grounding of the rechargeable battery
19 — a starter electrical wiring Plait
20 — Support of the power unit


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Merge motive oil (see the Head the Current leaving and service).
  3. Make dismantle of the accompanying components, working as their numbering.
  4. Installation is made upside-down.