2.6.9. Features of driving in cross-country conditions

The Kia Sportage car is intended for operation in a wide range of road conditions including on off road terrain. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to use it for the movement through deep water barriers, on excessively dirty and viscous roads, and also on excessively steep slopes and descents. At the movement on the hilly area try not to move parallel to a slope. Remember that the car can turn over at sudden change of a corner of a slope or its covering.

The movement on off road terrain has to be carried out in the all-wheel drive mode (see the Section Use of the Transfer Case), try not to damage the car about stones, roots of trees and other speakers of an obstacle. As it is possible hold a steering wheel more strong and do not forget to be fastened by a seat belt.

Crossing of water barriers has to be made at a speed no more than 8 km/h, in the mode 4L of the transfer case. Remember that hit of moisture on elements of system of ignition is accompanied by risk of a spontaneous stop of the engine. Try not to allow situations when water rises above bottom edge of wheel naves.

At the movement on snow or ice use special tires, or antisliding chains (if it is not forbidden by the local legislation). On all wheels install radial tires of an identical standard size. Remember that tires for the movement on snow do not give additional coupling with the normal road.

Metal chains of antisliding have to correspond to a class S on SAE. At installation of chains you watch durability of their obtyagivaniye, trying to adhere to instructions of their producers strictly. If during the movement of a chain adjoin to elements of a body or a suspension bracket, try to tighten once again chains if it does not help, try to change the high-speed mode as appropriate. Remember that the speed limit of the movement of the car equipped with chains of antisliding should not exceed 50 km/h, or the value established by manufacturer of chains (that it is less).

At the frequent movement on off road terrain intervals of carrying out routine maintenance should be reduced (see the Head the Current leaving and service).

In transit freights on off road terrain place heavier objects as it is possible closer to a forward part of the car. You watch reliability of fixing of baggage. Placing baggage on the top luggage carrier, do not exceed a maximum permissible load on a roof (45 kg), you remember that laying of heavy objects on a roof brings to the shift of the center of gravity of the car and increases risk of its turning during the movement on the rough country.

At the long movement in the all-wheel drive mode there is a habit to make turns at higher speeds, than when driving in normal conditions, - do not forget about need of change of a manner of driving after the congress from off road terrain.