2.6.2. Features of operation of the cars equipped with the manual box of gear shifting (MBGS)

On the cars considered in the present manual 5-staged RKPP is established. The lever of gear shifting has a floor arrangement and is located on the lower section of the central console.

At gear shifting completely squeeze out a coupling pedal, and then slowly release it.

RKPP is equipped with the mechanism preventing casual switching from the fifth transfer to transfer of a backing - for inclusion of the last the lever of gear shifting should be translated at first in situation "N".

Inclusion of transfer of a backing has to be made only after a full stop of the car!

For the purpose of prevention of premature wear and damage of components of coupling it is not necessary to hold during the movement a leg on a coupling pedal. Also it is not necessary to use a coupling pedal for temporary deduction of the car on rise, for example, at expectation of the allowing traffic light signal.

Before an exit from the car do not forget to cock the parking brake and to suppress the engine, with the subsequent RKPP installation on the first/reverse gear!

The recommended ranges of speed of the movement on separate transfers are specified in Specifications of the Head Governing bodies and methods of operation. At their observance the car will smoothly move and to consume the minimum quantity of fuel. For the purpose of increase in return of the engine, for example during the overtaking or the movement uphill, switching to overgears can be made with a delay, i.e. at higher speeds engine movements/turns, - do not allow calling of an arrow of a tachometer the scale range allocated red.

At reduction in the rate of the movement it is necessary to switch to the lowering transfer without waiting for noticeable decrease in return of the engine. Timely switching to the lowering transfer minimizes risk of a stop of the engine and provides the required reception in case of need of the subsequent dispersal. At the movement on abrupt descent switching to the lowering transfer helps to hold the safe high-speed mode and allows to prolong service life of components of brake mechanisms as much as possible.