2.6.13. Poddomkrachivaniye and replacement of a wheel

Storage of a spare wheel and jack

The full-size spare wheel is fixed or in the luggage compartment (Grand model), or on an arm behind a back door. The jack and a balloon key are placed in office for tools in the luggage compartment, - lift a carpet and uncover. After use of a jack and a key reliably fix them in office for tools that they did not rattle at the movement of the car.

The niche under storages of a jack and balloon key is located in the luggage compartment under the panel of a carpet and is equipped with a cover.

The spare wheel which is stored in the luggage compartment fastens a hairpin. For removal of the spare wheel fixed on an arm remove a cover from a wheel and by means of the ignition key unblock the lock lock then give fixing nuts and remove a spare wheel.

The clamp of fastening of a spare wheel on a back arm is equipped with the lock opening by means of the ignition key.

Order of implementation of the procedure

See the Head Vvedeniye at the beginning of the Management.