14:19. Removal and installation of the module of a driver's safety cushion

Before starting implementation of the procedure, examine with provided in the Section of the Safety cushion - the general information and precautionary measures the list of security measures!

Details of installation of the module of a driver's frontal safety cushion

1 — the Combined understeering switch
2 — the Contact cable reel
3 — the Oval window

4 — the Casing
5 — the Steering wheel
6 — the safety cushion Module


  1. Establish forward wheels in rectilinear situation.
  2. Turn out four bolts of fastening of the module of a safety cushion from the back party of a steering wheel.
  3. Having pulled on itself, release the safety cushion module from the landing nest in a steering wheel.
  4. Disunite contact sockets of an electrical wiring of connection of the module and the switch of a horn (at first orange, then blue) to the cable reel in a nave of a steering wheel.
  5. Finally remove the safety cushion module.
  6. Installation is made upside-down, - track that forward wheels were developed in rectilinear situation. At first the blue socket of an electrical wiring of the module of a safety cushion, then orange a horn is connected.

Both sockets are equipped with the directing keys guaranteeing unambiguity of their connection, - do not use force. Track that fixing screws were tightened with the required effort (8 ÷ 12 Nanometers).