14:15. Removal, installation and adjustment of block headlights

General information

Block headlights are fixed on the basic arms located between a front grille and assemblies of forward indexes of turns. Fixing of a block headlight is carried out by means of two screws and one torsion spring, two more screws serve for adjustment of the direction of an optical axis of a headlight. The lens of a headlight having the aerodynamic form fastens to a plastic reflector in which the halogen lamp equipped with the built-in contact socket is fixed, - the lamp is inserted from the back party of assembly and fastens a spring clamp, the protective rubber boot is outside established.

Visually estimate a condition of lenses, lamps and sockets of an electrical wiring of block headlights, check a condition of a yellow 20-ampere safety lock in the assembly block.

Removal and installation


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Release a spring clamp and remove the forward combined lamp (see the Section Replacement of Lamps and Check of Serviceability of Functioning of External Lighting Fixtures).
  3. Turn out fixing bolts.
  4. Disconnect an electrical wiring and remove a block headlight.
  5. Installation is made upside-down.
  6. Do not forget to adjust the direction of optical axes of headlights in conclusion.



  1. Adjustment of the direction of an optical axis of a headlight is made in the horizontal and vertical planes by means of two screws located from the top party of assembly.