14:16. Safety cushions - the general information and precautionary measures

General information

General information on elements of systems of additional safety (SRS) and the description of the principles of their functioning is given in the Section System of Additional Safety (SRS) of the Head Governing bodies and methods of operation.

Some additional information on service and diagnostics of the main component of SRS - safety cushions is provided in this chapter.

The system consists of the electronic diagnostic block (ADU) equipped with the independent power supply with included in it by the sensor of the directed overloads, modules of safety cushions of the driver and forward passenger, a contour of self-diagnostics and a contour of feedback.

The scheme of an arrangement of elements of system of safety cushions (for models without knee pillow)

1 — the Passenger safety cushion
2 — the Diagnostic electronic block (ADU)
3 — the Driver's frontal safety cushion

4 — the Contact drum
5 — the Diagnostic DLC socket

Necessary condition of activation of modules of safety cushions is operation of the directed overloads placed in the ADU sensors calculated on the frontal blow causing overloads size not below some threshold value.

The system of self-diagnostics provides short-term activation of a control lamp of SRS on an instrument guard of the car at turn of the ignition key in position of ON. In the absence of any deviations at poll of elements of system the lamp has to go out about 6 seconds later. The refusal of shutdown of a control lamp, as well as its operation during the movement of the car demonstrates detection of malfunction any of the SRS components. For check of system and elimination of a cause of failure the car should be driven away on car repair shop.

Precautionary measures

In case of need removals of a steering wheel, and also at service of the radio receiver, or other components located near the dashboard try not to allow rassoyedineniye of electric sockets of an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS, - it is easy to distinguish an electrical wiring of system of additional safety on bright yellow color of isolation.

Do not connect any diagnostic equipment to SRS chain at all! At service of the safety cushions of all components located close always previously disconnect SRS (see the Section SRS Shutdown).

At service of safety cushions do not forget to put on goggles and rubber gloves.

At a surface of a safety cushion there can be a raid of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Try not to allow hits on the surface of the module of moisture and flammable liquids. Traces of hit of sodium hydroxide on hands or in eyes should be washed away immediately a plentiful amount of water.

Connection of measuring instruments to contact plugs of sockets of modules of safety cushions try not to damage the last probes, - it is the most correct to enter probes from the back party of the socket.

Do not sort the SRS components at all! Casual operation of safety cushions is accompanied by risk of receiving serious injuries.

Before connection of an electrical wiring to ADU make sure of reliability of fixing of the last on the regular place.

Always hold the removed module of an unused safety cushion the face from yourself!

Always stack the removed modules face up, you watch that on a workbench surface near the removed module there were no tools and other foreign objects.

Utilization of the worked modules of safety cushions also has to be made with observance of requirements of the local legislation to environmental protection.