14:18. Reading of codes of malfunction of DTC


  1. Include ignition, a control lamp of SRS (see the Head Governing bodies and methods of operation) it has to be activated approximately for 6 seconds, confirming serviceability of a condition of system.
  2. The refusal of a lamp of shutdown demonstrates identification by system of self-diagnostics of violation any of the SRS components, information on which is saved in the processor memory of the module of management.
  3. Turn a key in the ignition lock in position of LOCK.
  4. Open a cowl and find the diagnostic DLC socket in the left back corner, - the socket is fixed on the case of the air cleaner and equipped with a folding cover.
  5. Connect to DLC the diagnostic scanner (see Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases), then include ignition and consider the managements of DTC brought in memory of the module. The list of codes is provided in Specifications of the Head Onboard electric equipment.
  6. Switch-off the reader, make necessary corrections, then clear the processor memory by a detachment of the battery of a negative wire for a while about 30 seconds.