14.1. General information and precautionary measures

Before starting service of components of systems of onboard electric equipment study requirements of safety regulations during the work with electric devices!

The car is equipped with a 12-voltny onboard power supply system with grounding on a negative pole. Supply of electricity to lighting fixtures and other consumers is carried out from the rechargeable battery of lead-acid type which recharge is made from the generator of alternating current.

The description of procedures of repair and service of the electric components installed on the car and which do not have a direct bearing on operation of the engine - information on service of such units as the rechargeable battery is provided in the present chapter, components of system of ignition, the generator and a starter it is given in the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine devoted to systems of electric equipment of the engine.

Before starting service of components of onboard electric equipment, in order to avoid receiving electric shock, or ignition as a result of short circuit, it is necessary to disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Regularly check a condition of plaits of an electrical wiring and reliability of their fastening in intermediate clamps, collars and bindings. You watch that isolation of wires was not wiped about the components located in the neighbourhood.

The models of cars considered in the present manual can be equipped with system of additional safety (SRS). Before starting performance of any works near modules of safety cushions, a steering column or the dashboard, disconnect SRS in order to avoid getting injured as a result of casual operation of a gas generator, - it is easy to distinguish an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS on yellow color of isolation!