11.5. Check of the differential perepuskny valve regulator of pressure (model without ABS and EBD)

The faulty valve regulator is subject to replacement without fail!


  1. Connect the manometers calculated on measurement of pressure to 100 kgfs/cm2 to GTTs and to the back party of the valve regulator.
  1. Carefully squeezing out a pedal of a foot brake, define dependence of pressure in brake contours of back wheels from GTTs pressure. Compare result of measurement to the reference chart. Replace the faulty valve regulator.
And = 2413 (3-door models)/3169
(4-door models)
And’ = 2271 ÷ 2609 (3-door models)/2972 ÷ 3364 (4-door models)
In = 9810 (3-door models)/9810
(4-door models)
In’ = 4660 ÷ 5641 (3-door models)/5131 ÷ 6112 (4-door models)