11:11. Removal and installation of flexible brake hoses of a hydraulic path of brake mechanisms of forward wheels


  1. By means of a special cap key with a cap head release a nipple nut of fastening of a flexible hose to the metal line of a hydraulic path.
  1. By means of suitable nippers take a clamp and release a brake hose from a basic arm.
  1. Turn out a hollow bolt of the nipple socket of fastening of a hose to a support of the brake mechanism and remove a hose.
  2. Installation is made upside-down, - sealing elements of nipple sockets are subject to replacement without fail. Track observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head the Brake system to efforts of tightening of carving fixture. Make sure that the established hoses do not adjoin to elements of a suspension bracket and the steering drive at any provision of forward wheels.