11:14. Pumping of brakes

Hit of brake fluid on the painted body surfaces is accompanied by risk of damage of a paint and varnish covering, - incidentally got splashes should be deleted immediately with dry rags or pure paper towels!


  1. Make sure that the GTTs tank the minimum on 3/4 is filled, - do not allow lowering of level of liquid below this critical mark during all course of performance of pumping. Get support of the assistant.
  2. Hang out the car above the ground.
  3. Remove a protective cap from the gate of pumping of a support / the wheel cylinder of the brake mechanism of the first of the served car wheels. Put a transparent hose of suitable diameter on the gate, - lower the second end of a hose in the transparent capacity which is partially filled with brake fluid.
Pumping of a support of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel.
Pumping of the wheel cylinder of the brake mechanism of a back wheel.
  1. Ask the assistant to squeeze out several times a pedal of a foot brake, then to record it in the lower situation.
  2. Weaken the gate and produce brake fluid from the wheel cylinder in capacity.
  3. Tighten the gate and ask the assistant to repeat the procedure, - continue pumping until from the support/cylinder brake fluid, pure, free from air bubbles, does not begin to be pushed out.

Do not forget to watch liquid level in the GTTs tank (see the prevention at the beginning of the section)!

  1. In conclusion reliably tighten the gate, make sure of lack of signs of leaks and put a protective cap. At once collect traces of the spilled liquid.
  2. Working in a similar manner, pump over brake mechanisms of the remained wheels.
  3. In conclusion modify liquid level in the GTTs tank (see the Head the Current leaving and service).