11:15. Reading of codes of malfunctions of ABS/EBD, processor memory cleaning



  1. At inclusion of ignition the electronic control unit (ECU) of ABS/EBD is exercised by monitoring of a condition of components of each of contours of both systems. In case of identification of violation in the processor memory the corresponding code of malfunction is brought, and in a combination of devices of the car the corresponding control lamp is activated (ABS or the brake system).
  2. Reading of the codes kept in memory of the block can be made by means of the special Hi-scan PR scanner connected to the diagnostic DLC socket fixed on the air cleaner case, equipped with a protective cover (see Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases).
  3. Switch off ignition and connect the scanner to DLC.
  4. Include ignition and choose the correct name of brand and model of the car (KIA Sportage) in the menu of the scanner.
  5. After initialization of the scanner choose the interviewed element.
  6. Activate the procedure of a conclusion of codes of malfunctions (No. 1), - the scanner all managements which are stored in the processor memory of the module four-digit DTC will begin to be displayed.

Codes will continue to be removed until the processor memory is not cleared.

  1. Make necessary corrections, then clear the processor memory.

Memory cleaning


  1. Having eliminated malfunction, make sure of serviceability of functioning of under control system (ABS/EBD), then activate the procedure of cleaning of the processor memory, - point No. 4 of the menu, - and press the Enter key (Input) on the scanner keyboard.