11:16. Removal and installation of hydraulic and electronic ABS/EBD control units

Details of installation of electronic and hydraulic ABS/EBD control units

1 — the Electronic control unit (ECU)
2 — the Basic arm of HECU
3 — the Fixing pin

4 — a pump Electric motor
5 — the Electrical wiring
6 — Gidromodulyator (HCU)


  1. Switch off ignition.
  2. Disconnect an electrical wiring from an electronic control unit (ECU).

Try not to allow casual giving of onboard food (12 V) on any of the ECU plugs!

  1. Carefully wipe the surface of the hydromodulator (HCU), having completely removed from it traces of dirt and lubricant.
  2. Previously having marked, disconnect hydraulic lines from HCU.
  3. Turn out bolts of fastening of a basic arm of the hydromodulator to a wing mudguard in a motive compartment of the car.
  4. Remove the hydromodulator assembled with a basic arm and an electronic control unit (ECU).
  1. Take a fixing pin, dismantle the landing plug and remove assembly of HECU from a basic arm.
  1. Turn out fixing bolts and remove an electronic control unit (ECU) from HECU assembly.
  2. Check sealing the ECU elements for existence of zadir and cracks, - in case of need make replacement.
  3. Installation is made upside-down, - track correctness of connection of hydraulic lines (be guided on put in the course of dismantle, - to identification tags), and also observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head the Brake system to efforts of tightening of carving fixture.
  4. In conclusion pump over a hydraulic path of the brake system (see the Section Pumping of Brakes) and make trial runs of the car.