11:13. Removal and installation of the lever of the parking brake, adjustment of a driving cable

Removal and installation

At removal act as numbering of components.

Details of installation of the lever of the drive of the parking brake

1 — the Cover of lever assembly
2 — the Adjusting nut
3 — the electrical wiring Socket
4 — the Bolt

5 — the Sensor switch of activation of a control lamp
6 — the Lever of the drive of the parking brake
7 — the Handle
8 — the blocking otpuskaniye Button
9 — Pruzhina


  1. Attentively study a condition of the removed components, replace defective parts.
  2. Installation is made upside-down, - in conclusion do not forget to adjust the drive of the parking brake.



  1. Pull the lever with effort  of 10 kgfs up, - the course of the lever has to make 6 ÷ 8 clicks of a ratchet, - in case of need make the corresponding adjustment.
  2. Start the engine and make several braking at the movement of the car a backing.
  3. Kill the engine.
  4. Turn out the screw of fastening of a cover of the drive of the parking brake.
  5. Remove a clamp and execute the required adjustment by rotation of an adjusting nut in a forward part of a driving cable.
  6. Having finished adjustment, include ignition and cock the lever of the parking brake on one click of a ratchet, - make sure of serviceability of operation of a control lamp of the brake system in a combination of devices. Release the lever and check freedom of rotation of back wheels. Do not forget to establish into place a clamp of an adjusting nut.