13.2.4. Removal and installation and adjustment of a cowl

Removal and installation

Details of installation of a cowl

1 — the Hose of supply of liquid of washing of a windshield
2 — Loopy assembly
3 — the Cowl
4 — the Noise-insulating panel

5 — the Emphasis
6 — the Rubber pillow
7 — the Lock
8 — a latch otpuskaniye Cable


  1. Turn out four (on two from each party of a cowl) loopy a bolt and accurately remove a cowl from the car, - it will be reasonable to use the help of the assistant.
  1. Installation is made upside-down, - before finally tightening fixing bolts with the required effort adjust a cowl in an aperture of a motive compartment.



  1. Displacing a cowl of rather loopy levels, achieve its correct placement in an aperture of a motive compartment, then tighten loopy bolts with the required effort (19 ÷ 26 Nanometers).
  1. Adjust also the lock of fixing of a cowl in a closed position for what release two bolts and one nut of its fastening and level assembly concerning the drummer on a cowl. Having achieved the required result, tighten fixture of castle assembly with the required effort (see Specifications of the Head Kuzov).