6.2.6. Removal and installation of the accelerator pedal, adjustment of a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve


Details of installation of the accelerator pedal

1 — the Cable of the drive of a butterfly valve
2 — the Basic arm

3 — the Clamp
4 — the Pedal
5 — the Returnable spring


  1. You make dismantle of components in the order corresponding to their numbering on an illustration.
  2. Installation is made upside-down.



  1. Make sure of completeness of closing of butterfly valves.
  2. Measure the size of a free wheeling of a driving cable. If the result of measurement exceeds the limit of the admissible range (1.0 ÷ 3.0 mm), make the corresponding adjustment by rotation of an adjusting nut (see an illustration).