6.2.3. Dropping pressure in fuel system of the petrol engine, filling of a fuel path

Before getting to work, get acquainted with materials of the Section of the Security measure and the general rules accepted at service of components of fuel paths of internal combustion engines.

Dropping pressure

During implementation of the described procedure only excessive pressure in a path of a power supply system is dumped, at the same time continuing will fill fuel-supply lines fuel to be under some residual superfluous pressure, - before a detachment of fuel lines take the appropriate measures of precaution!


  1. Start the engine.
  1. Lift a back seat, unbend the rectangular valve of the panel of a carpet and disunite the socket (2) electrical wirings of the fuel pump (1) in a service window of the panel of a floor.
  1. Wait for a spontaneous stop of the engine, then switch off ignition and restore initial connection of an electrical wiring.
  2. Lower a back seat in regular situation.

Filling of a path


  1. After performing procedures of service of the car, connected with need of dropping pressure for a power supply system, before the first start for the purpose of prevention of need of excessively long provorachivaniye of the engine it is necessary to make preliminary filling of a fuel path.
  1. By means of a suitable crossing point close among themselves plugs 1 (FUEL PUMP) and 5 (B) diagnostic DLC sockets, - the socket is located in a motive compartment, is fixed on a casing of the air cleaner and equipped with a folding protective cover.
  1. Make 10-second (no more) inclusion of ignition for the purpose of short-term activation of the fuel pump, - inclusion of ignition more than for 10 seconds is accompanied by risk of a dangerous overheat of a crossing point.
  2. Switch off ignition and remove a crossing point. Examine components of a fuel path on existence of signs of development of leaks. In case of need make the corresponding corrections.