6.2.11. Removal and installation of the giving and returnable lines of a fuel path

See the prevention at the beginning of the Section Removal and installation of the fuel pump!

Removal of lines of the giving and returnable lines of a path of a power supply system can be accompanied by need of dismantle of basic arms of elements of the transmission line and other components of the chassis.


  1. Dump pressure in a power supply system (see the Section Dropping Pressure in fuel system of the petrol engine, filling of a fuel path).
  2. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  1. Release fixing bolts, serially release lines of giving and return of fuel from six basic arms, then release nipple sockets and accurately release the disconnected lines from intermediate clamps.
  1. Installation is made upside-down, - track correctness of laying of lines and reliability of their fixing in sockets, intermediate clamps and basic arms.