5.2.8. Removal, check of a state and installation of a radiator of the cooling system, replacement of radiator hoses

Petrol models


  1. Remove protection of a case.
  1. Uncover a radiator, open the drain gate (1) and lower cooling liquid in the prepared drain capacity of suitable volume.
  1. Release fixing collars and remove top (1) and the lower (2) radiator hoses.
  1. Disconnect the overflow hose going to a broad tank from a radiator.
  1. Turn out fixing bolts and remove an air inlet of an inlet air path (1) of the engine.
  1. Turn out five bolts of fastening of a casing (1) of ventilatory assembly.
  1. Turn out bolts of basic arms and, having given up, take a radiator from a motive compartment.
  1. Examine the radiator heat exchanger on existence of signs of development of leaks, deformations of lamels and connecting branch pipes, and other mechanical damages. In case of need replace a radiator, or deliver it in a specialized workshop for performance of the corresponding recovery repair.
  1. Attentively study a condition of radiator hoses, in case of need prepare replacement.
  2. Installation is made upside-down, - track reliability of fixing of radiator hoses fixing collars and observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head of the Cooling system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning to efforts of tightening of carving fixture.
  3. In conclusion fill the cooling system with fresh mix (see the Head the Current leaving and service), start the engine, warm it up to the normal working temperature, then, - if it is required, - modify heat carrier level.
  4. Establish into place a cover of a radiator and, without suppressing the engine, check the corresponding components of a cooling path for existence of signs of development of leaks.

Diesel models

Details of installation of a radiator on diesel models

1 — the Broad tank with an overflow hose
2 — the Top radiator hose
3 — the Casing of ventilatory assembly

4 — Nizhny Novgorod a radiator hose
5 — the Socket of the sensor of level of cooling liquid
6 - Radiator


  1. Empty the cooling system (see the Head the Current leaving and service).
  2. The general principle of implementation of the procedure is similar described above for petrol models. Dismantle components, working as their numbering.