5.2.11. Replacement of the bearing of the drive of the fan of the cooling system


  1. Take off a generator drive belt.
  2. Remove a krylchatka of the fan, then dismantle a fan drive pulley from a landing flange of bearing assembly.
1 — Krylchatka
2 — the Pulley
  1. Release fixture and remove bearing assembly (1) from the engine block.
  1. By means of a special stripper and a suitable drift dismantle a landing flange of a driving pulley on the press.
1 — the Press
2 — the Drift
  1. By means of a cylindrical mandrel with an outer diameter of 20 mm to a vypressuyta bearing.
1 — the Press
2 — the Drift
3 — a bearing Shaft
  1. Press a power shaft in a landing flange of a pulley, - shaft pin vystupaniye size over a face surface of a stupichny part of a flange has to make 2.1 mm.
1 — the Flange
2 — a bearing Shaft
3 — the Press
4 — the Drift
5 — the Bearing
6 — the Flange
  1. Having arranged components according to the provided instructions, make a press fitting of the new bearing in the landing nest in a basic arm.
1 — the Drift
2 — the Landing flange
3 — the Bearing
  1. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components, - track observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head of the Cooling system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning to efforts of tightening of carving fixture. Do not forget to adjust effort of a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator.