12.5.6. Removal and installation of components of the steering drive


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Hang out the car above the ground.
  3. Remove forward wheels.
  4. Remove an air inlet of an inlet path of the engine (see Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases).
  1. Release a nipple nut of the pressure head line of a working path of the steering amplifier and merge hydraulic liquid in the prepared capacity.
  1. Disconnect a hydraulic hose and remove the tank of the steering pump.
  2. Remove a broad tank of the cooling system (see the Head of the Cooling system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning).
  1. Turn out a fixing bolt and remove an intermediate shaft of the steering drive.
  1. Disconnect steering rod ends from levers of rotary fists (see the Section Removal and installation of tips of steering drafts).
  1. Take the forelock, release a fixing nut and a vypressuyta the hinge of a connecting bar from the pendular lever.
  1. Working in a similar manner, separate a connecting bar from a bipod...

... the steering mechanism also take it assembled with steering drafts from under the car. In case of need give fixing nuts and disconnect drafts from a bar.

  1. Disconnect the hydraulic line (2) from a case of the steering mechanism, - at once close up with an adhesive tape a reception opening for the purpose of prevention of hit of dirt in a case (1).
  1. Turn out a fixing bolt (1) and, having given up, take assembly of the steering mechanism from a motive compartment.
  1. Turn out fixing bolts and remove the pendular lever assembled with a spindle.
1 — the Fixing bolt
2 — the Pendular lever
3 — the Spindle
  1. Installation is made upside-down, - track observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head Podvesk and steering to efforts of tightening of carving fixture. Do not forget to replace the forelocks fixing fixture.