12.1. General information

The body of the car is fixed on a curved frame of a ladder design.

The principles of the organization of a suspension bracket and the steering drive are in detail described in the Sections Assessment of a Condition of Components of a Suspension Bracket and Steering Drive, Back Suspension Bracket and Removal of Air from a working path of system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel respectively.

When performing repair or service of components of a suspension bracket and steering often there are problems with an otpuskaniye of the "stuck" bolts and nuts. Fixture elements located under the car bottom constantly are exposed to external influences and there is nothing surprising that over time they begin to rust and to collapse partially. Use of brute force at an otpuskaniye of such "stuck" fixture is accompanied by risk of its damage. For a start moisten the element which is not giving in to an otvorachivaniye with a small amount of the special getting liquid (a liquid key), having allowed the last to impregnate a rust layer properly. Remove with a wire brush external deposits from available sites of carving surfaces. Sometimes the sharp blow by the hammer on a nut through a drift helps to destroy the rust filling gaps between rounds of a carving joint, - try not to allow damages of a carving as a result of a drift soskakivaniye. Use at an otvorachivaniye of the "stuck" fixture of a long neck allows to increase considerably the enclosed torque, however it is necessary to remember that use of extenders complete with drives of ratchet type is accompanied by risk of failure of the returnable mechanism, not to mention a possibility of getting injured.

Fixture damaged in the course of an otpuskaniye is subject to replacement without fail.

As the majority of the procedures described in the present chapter is made with a lead of the car from the earth, it is necessary to take care beforehand of options of reliable fixing of the vehicle in the lifted situation, - prepare strong props. For a poddomkrachivaniye of the car use hydraulic jacks of podkatny type, - you remember that the onboard jack which is included in a basic equipment is intended only for a temporary poddomkrachivaniye of the car when replacing of the failed wheel. The hydraulic jack can be used also for posting of separate components of a suspension bracket at implementation of this or that procedure.

Under no circumstances do not perform any works under the car withheld in the lifted situation only by means of a jack(s)!