12.5.1. General information

General information

The steering drive is organized according to the scheme "trapeze" by means of the hydrostrengthened " broadcast the screw - a ball nut" and an adjustable steering column.

Scheme of the organization of the steering drive

1 — the Tip of steering draft
2 — the Lock-nut
3 — the Adjusting insert
4 — the Internal tip of the left steering draft
5 — the Connecting bar

6 — the Steering mechanism
7 — the Arm of the pendular lever
8 — a pendulum Spindle
9 — the Internal tip of the right steering draft
10 — the Pendular lever
11 — the Bipod of the steering mechanism

The efforts arising between the screw and a nut of the steering mechanism are transmitted through a number of the circulating balls reducing friction. The nut influences a bipod shaft through the gear sector. Such design allows to receive the variable transfer relation.

Strengthening of the steering drive is organized due to use of the hydraulic steering pump put in action from the engine by means of the belt drive and connected to the steering mechanism.