12.3.5. Removal, service and installation of the top levers of a suspension bracket



  1. Hang out the car above the ground.
  2. Remove forward wheels.
  1. Turn out a coupling bolt (3) fastenings of the spherical hinge of the top lever (1) in a rotary fist (2) (see an illustration of the Detail of installation of the top cross lever of a forward suspension bracket).
  1. Previously having marked the adjusting provision of lamellar washers on frame arms, turn out shpindelny bolts (1) of fastening of the top lever (2).
  1. Remove the top lever.



  1. Examine the lever on existence of deformations, cracks and other mechanical damages, estimate a condition of rubber shpindelny plugs and a boot of a spherical support. Replace defective components.
  1. Vypressovyvany and zapressovyvany rubber shpindelny plugs it is made by means of special adaptation, - before installation the new plug should be moistened with soap solution.
  1. The damaged boot of a spherical support of the lever can be cut down by a chisel.
  1. Plentifully grease an internal surface of a replaceable boot with jellied lubricant, then by means of special adaptation accurately press it in a reception nest of the lever.



  1. Start the lever on the regular place and record it shpindelny bolts.
  2. Fill a finger of a spherical support of the lever in a reception nest of a rotary fist, then fill and with the required effort (43 ÷ 54 Nanometers) tighten a coupling bolt, - the bolt has to get to specially provided pro-points in a spherical finger.
1 — the Bolt
2 — the Sharovy finger
3 — the Rotary fist
  1. Correctly having developed shpindelny bolts, - track combination of the landing tags put in the course of dismantle, - and tighten with the required effort (75 ÷ 93 Nanometers) of their nut.
  2. In conclusion drive away the car in a workshop of car service for check and adjustment of angles of installation of forward wheels (see the Section Check and adjustment of angles of installation of forward wheels).