2.2.5. Removable top (Cabriolet models)


Panels of side windows


  1. Separate the valves fixed on "flypapers" located along the top and back edges of side window openings then undo the zippers located under valves.
  1. Having unbent in the specified shooters the directions the outer edge at first of horizontal, then vertical sections of the plastic mortgage, release the last from a guide in a body aperture, then remove the panel.
  1. Working in a similar manner, remove the panel of the second window.

Panel of a back window


  1. Having unbent the side valves fixed on "flypapers", undo the zipper going from the bottom left corner of the panel to its bottom right corner.
  1. Having pulled it down and outside, release from a guide at back doors the plastic mortgage of fastening of bottom edge of the window panel.

Roof panel


  1. For the purpose of weakening of a tension of the tarpaulin panel of a roof move the bases of a diagonal rack to forward grooves of basic arms.
  1. Having pulled the roof panel down and outside, release plastic mortgage fastenings of its bottom corners from guides in a body aperture.
  1. Release four side top clamps on both sides of the roof panel.
  1. Having pulled forward and up, release it from guides of a body aperture the plastic mortgage of fastening of a first line of the panel of a roof.
  1. Lower a diagonal rack and record them in the put situation, having filled plastic fixing brackets in grooves of holders of the panel in car boards.


For the purpose of extension of service life of removable top it is necessary to make regular service of its elements.

Periodically wash a roof cloth (except vinyl panels of window panels) warm water with soap, using a shchetinny brush. Wash away soap stains clear water.

For a wash of vinyl window panels use soft detergents, applying solution by means of damp soft matter or a sponge, - by no means on a brush!

It is not necessary to wipe the dry or frozen glasses, and also to put or twist the removed window parts of a tarpaulin roof.

You watch purity of guides and clamps of fastening of panels, delete litter and dirt from a vorsovka of "flypapers" and teeth of zippers. In case of need draw in flat-nose pliers the rear edges of carriages of locks of lightnings, trying to obtain parallelism of an arrangement of their top and lower planes.



  1. Release a diagonal rack from clamps.
  2. Correctly orient the panel of a roof of removable top and throw with it a car back.
  3. Fill the plastic mortgage of the panel of a roof in a groove of a forward guide and level the panel in a body aperture.
  4. Lift a diagonal rack and latch the top side clamps (on four from each board) fastenings of the roof panel on it.
  5. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components.