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2.2.3. Cowl


  1. Pull on yourself the cowl lock latch otpuskaniye lever handle located at the left under the dashboard.
  1. For final release of a cowl slightly slightly open it and pull the lever of an additional clamp up.
  1. Having released a clamp, lift a cowl, previously having made sure that levers of screen wipers are not cast away forward. On the left wing of the car the folding emphasis stacked cross and fixed in a plastic clip on the front panel for fixing of a cowl is enshrined in the open provision - fill the end of an emphasis bent in the form of a hook in a L-shaped groove in the left forward corner of a cowl.
  1. Before slamming a cowl, make sure that not in a motive compartment tools, rags and other foreign objects are not left.
  2. For closing it is necessary to lower a cowl, having held about 30 centimeters at distance, then to release. For check of reliability of fixing of a cowl in a closed position pull it for a first line up.

In order to avoid damage of a paint and varnish covering it is not necessary to pressurize leaky closed cowl hands, - it will be correct to reopen it and to repeat the procedure.