2.2.4. Jellied mouth of the fuel tank

Do not forget to suppress the engine and do not smoke at removal of a cover of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank at all!


  1. The hatch of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank equipped with a folding cover is located on the right board of the car directly over an arch of a back wheel.
  1. For opening of the hatch pull the lever close to a driver's seat on the right below up.
  1. At refusal of operation of the device of unlocking of the lock of the hatch it is necessary to remove a slip from the right side panel of an upholstery of the luggage compartment and to pull back the handle located under it.

Put on gloves not to cut a hand when unlocking the lock manually.

  1. Open the hatch and slowly turn a cover of a jellied mouth counterclockwise, having dumped pressure of fuel evaporations in a tank, - if the cover froze to a mouth, slightly tap it the hammer with soft brisk.

In some executions the cover can be equipped with the special push-button valve allowing to carry out dumping of excessive pressure in a tank.

  1. For closing of a jellied mouth turn a cover clockwise before operation of a ratchet.

Leaky closing of a cover can lead to operation of a control lamp of refusals (MIL) with record of the DTC code corresponding to a mistake "Insignificant leaks in system of catching of fuel evaporations (EVAP)" in memory of onboard system of self-diagnostics (OBD), - on the expiration of some time the lamp has to go out, otherwise it is necessary to address on HUNDRED for performing procedures of reading of DTC and cleaning of the processor memory of OBD.