2.2.1. Keys


It is not necessary to leave children unguarded in the car if in it there are keys, especially if the key is inserted into the ignition lock. Children are accustomed to imitate adults and can insert a key into the ignition lock and include ignition or start the engine. It can lead to injuries of children when using, for example, of power windows or to road accident if the car begins to move.

Two identical keys which can be used both for access to the car, and for start of the engine are included in a basic equipment.

On a sheaf with keys the plate with the beaten-out code of keys is fixed. The code of keys should be rewritten on paper and to store it together with the removed plate in the reliable place inaccessible for strangers (only not in the car!).

Set of keys with a plate with a code of keys

The code is intended in order that in case of loss of keys the authorized dealer of the KIA company could provide to the owner of a code their duplicates.