6.4.4. System of self-diagnostics of diesel models

General information

At registration of refusal of entrance elements or actuation mechanisms of a control system of the diesel ECM engine for the purpose of minimization of effect of a mistake connection makes activation of function of feedback, at the same time bringing a two-digit code of malfunction in the processor memory.

Principle of functioning of system of self-diagnostics of the diesel engine

And — processor memory Cleaning
In — the Battery
To — the Communication plug
L — the Communication plug

Р — the Plug of a conclusion of codes
Q — the Plug of diagnostics of the engine
R — the grounding Plug
S — the grounding Plug

Reading of codes and cleaning of the processor memory

Reading of codes of malfunctions and cleaning of the processor memory can be made by means of the special scanner connected to the diagnostic socket fixed on the air cleaner case.

Alternatively codes can be highlighted by a control lamp of MIL (Check the engine) after grounding of the plug Q of the diagnostic socket. For cleaning of the processor memory ground the plug A, or on 20 ÷ 30 seconds disconnect a negative wire from the battery.