6.4.2. ESM - check of serviceability of a state and replacement


On all ESM models fastens under the dashboard on the right.

At the working engine sharply knock with finger-tips on a module wall, - if ESM is faulty, percussion can lead to violation of stability of turns of the engine, at the same time on the display of the scanner connected to system of onboard diagnostics (OBD) the current data on characteristics of operation of the engine will be highlighted.

Before starting replacement of the module check serviceability of a state and reliability of fastening of contact connections of an electrical wiring of its chain. Each contact socket is painted in individual color that excludes probability of the wrong connection of an electrical wiring at the ESM installation. In the absence of obvious signs of violation of serviceability of functioning of the module of management the car should be driven away on car repair shop for performing more detailed diagnostics of the module.


The models of cars considered in the present manual are equipped with system of additional safety (SRS). Before starting performance of any works near the block of a safety cushion, a steering column or the dashboard, disconnect SRS in order to avoid getting injured at its casual operation (see the Head Onboard electric equipment). It is easy to distinguish an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS on yellow color of isolation.

In order to avoid damage of ESM by the electrostatic category, try not to touch contact plugs of the module, whenever possible you make self-grounding.


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Turn out two fixing screws and remove the lower finishing section under the dashboard on the right.
  3. For the purpose of ensuring access to the module of management unbend the floor carpet panel.
  1. Give four fixing nuts and remove ECM from fixing hairpins. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the module.
  1. Installation is made upside-down.

Track that the replaceable module corresponded on the type which failed, - the ECM installation of other specification can be the reason of damage of components of system of injection of fuel!