6.3.5. Removal and installation of a turbocompressor

Turbocompressor design

1 — Turbine assembly
2 — the Lock plate
3, 23 — M6 Bolts
4 — a turbine Wheel
5, 12 — Piston rings
6 — the Termozashchitny casing
7, 9 — the Plug
8 — the Central casing
10 — the Lock ring
11 — the Persistent plug
12 — the Piston ring
13 — the Persistent plate

14 — the Oil separator
15 — the Bolt
16 — the Sealing ring
17 — the Face plate
18 — a compressor Rotor
19 — the Lock-nut
20 — the Lock ring
21 — a compressor Casing
22 — an U-shaped lock ring
24 — Assembly of the executive mechanism
25 — the Hose
26 — the Fixing collar

The turbocompressor functions in the conditions of high temperatures and speeds of rotation therefore hit in its working cameras of any foreign objects is accompanied by risk of failure of working components!


  1. Merge cooling liquid (see the Head the Current leaving and service).
  2. Disconnect air sleeves from a turbocompressor, - take measures against hit in a reception branch pipe of a turbocompressor of foreign objects and small garbage.
Scheme of connection to a turbocompressor of air ducts (1 and 2)
  1. Remove a thermoinsulating casing (1).
  1. Remove from a turbocompressor by-pass a branch pipe of a water path.
  2. Disconnect a maslopodayushchy tube.
  1. Remove branch pipes of giving (1) and removal (2) fulfilled gases from a turbocompressor.
  1. Disconnect reception and final branch pipes of a turbocompressor.
  1. Release fixing bolts and remove a turbocompressor, - at once to a zakuporta compressor and turbine branch pipes in order to avoid hit in working cameras of a turbocompressor of foreign objects.

In order to avoid hit of oil in turbine or compressor cameras try not to overturn the removed turbocompressor, constantly focusing it also as it was established on the engine!

  1. Check freedom and smoothness of rotation of a rotor, by means of the DTI measuring instrument check a rotor shaft for existence of excessive axial and radial side plays. Compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications of the Head of the Power supply system, management of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases.
  1. Examine turbine and compressor (rotor) wheels on existence of traces of oil and a nagaroobrazovaniye, make sure of absence in wheels of cracks, deformations and other mechanical damages.
  2. Check, the turbine wheel and a rotor do not adjoin to walls of working cameras of a turbocompressor.
  3. Having removed a fixing finger of an executive rod, check smoothness of functioning of the valve of dumping. Estimate density of landing of the valve on the saddle in a turbine casing.
  4. Installation is made upside-down, - before landing of a turbocompressor to the car fill in a small amount of oil in a branch pipe of connection of an oil pipeline.
  5. Prepare a suitable butterdish, start the engine and let's it 1-2 minutes work empty on small turns. After oil is distributed on internal surfaces of a turbocompressor turns of the engine can be lifted.