6.3.11. Removal and TNVD installation

TNVD design


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Disconnect a gas cable.
  3. Uncover a service opening of a cogwheel of the TNVD drive.
  1. Turning the engine in the normal direction, achieve combination of an adjusting tag (1) of a cogwheel with the index in the form of an arrow on a GRM drive cover.
  1. By means of two bolts (1) 35-40 mm long block TNVD cogwheel from a provorachivaniye and release a nut of its fastening, - do not forget to remove the spring washer enclosed under a nut.
  1. Mark the landing provision of a fixing flange of TNVD of rather basic arm.
  1. Disconnect fuel lines from assembly of TNVD.
  2. Turn out fixing nuts, then weaken not less than on three turns bolts of fastening of TNVD.
1 — to Turn off
2 — to Weaken
  1. By means of a special stripper weaken landing of a cogwheel of the TNVD drive, then finally turn out fixing bolts and remove pump assembly.

Do not turn out the bolts blocking a cogwheel from a provorachivaniye until TNVD is not removed from the car!

  1. Turn out the blocking bolts and remove a cogwheel from the pump, - try not to drop a segment spline.
  2. Installation is made upside-down. Track correctness of combination of the landing tags put in the course of dismantle, tighten carving fixture with the required effort. In conclusion remove air from the pump.