6.3.12. Removal and installation of nozzles

Details of installation of a fuel nozzle

1 — the Lock nut of the returnable line
3 — the Returnable tube
4 — the Washer

5 — the Nozzle
6 — the Sealing element
7 — the Corrugated sealing washer


  1. Disconnect the line of supply of fuel from a nozzle.
  2. Give a lock nut and disconnect the returnable line.
  3. Remove a washer.
  4. Turn out and take a nozzle.
  5. Remove a sealing element and a corrugated sealing washer.
  6. Sort a nozzle on the making components.
1 — the nozzle Case
2 — the Case of the needle valve
3 — the Remote plug
4 — Press a finger
5 — the Press spring
6 — the Adjusting washer
7 — the Holder
8 — the Washer
9 — the Nut
  1. Check all components for existence of mechanical damages, make sure of density of pressing of the needle valve to the saddle.
  1. Deploy the case of the needle valve vertically, fill a needle approximately at 2/3 lengths the case and release, - it has to fall by a saddle under a body weight.
  1. Collect a nozzle, having tightened the valve case in the holder with effort of 78.4 ÷ 98.1 Nanometers.
  1. Check pressure of opening of a nozzle (see the Section of Check of a power supply system).
  2. Installation is made upside-down, - do not forget to replace all sealing elements, tighten a nozzle with the required effort (58.8 ÷ 68.6 Nanometers).

The corrugated washer has to be established by a red tag to a nozzle.