2.3.6. Danger of poisoning with carbon monoxide

The toxic monoxide of carbon (CO) causing at inhalation loss of consciousness from a high stepeyu of probability of a lethal outcome is a part of the fulfilled gases of the engine extremely. At serviceable system of release and correct operation of the car, the fulfilled gases of the engine should not get to interior of the car. Try not to forget to check serviceability of a condition of system of release and tightness of connection of its components every time:

In the closed rooms with bad ventilation, for example, in a garage, concentration of CO can quickly increase to dangerous value, - at all do not leave the engine working at the closed garage gate.

It is not necessary to leave the engine working a long time even at open gate. At once after implementation of start of the engine it is necessary to expel the car from a garage and to continue warming up of the engine on the street.

At the movement with an open door of a back the fulfilled gases can get to interior of the car, creating a dangerous situation. If there is a situation when densely it is not possible to close a door, it is necessary to open completely all windows and to include system of ventilation of salon on the maximum productivity.

At stay in the car with the engine working at single turns (even on the open area), execute the following (see the Part of the Device of ensuring comfort):