2.3.3. Transportation of children

Anatomic features of a structure of a children's organism define the risk of receiving injuries increased in comparison with adults by them at operation of safety cushions!

For the purpose of safety of transportation of children of younger and middle age it is necessary to use the special children's seats and means of fixing interfaced to standard seat belts of the car. Detailed instructions for placement and installation of child seats have to be attached to them, - in case of need address for consultations on branded HUNDRED KIA.

Children have to accommodate on a back seat of the car and to be reliably fastened by seat belts. In transit children of younger age fix a special children's seat on the central place of a back seat by means of a two-anchor seat belt.

If the possibility of fixing of a children's seat on the central place of a back seat is absent, fix it on one of side places. Installation of a children's seat on assembly of the right front seat is as a last resort allowed, - at the same time it is necessary to transfer manually a seat belt to the mode of compulsory blocking (see the Section Seat belts). Do not allow the child to stand, kneel and move in salon during the movement of the car. Operation of safety cushions at collision can cause to the child a serious trauma and even to lead to a lethal outcome, especially if the child is not fixed or fixed incorrectly.