12.4.4. Removal, service and installation of longitudinal levers



  1. Hang out the car above the ground.
  2. Remove back wheels.
  3. Prop up the back bridge a jack.
  4. Turn out fixing bolts and remove the lever needing replacement.
1 — the Bolt
2 — Nizhny Novgorod the lever
1 — the Bolt
2 — the Top lever



  1. Check a lever bar for existence of deformations, cracks and other mechanical damages, estimate a condition of rubber plugs. In case of need replace plugs, or the lever assembled.
  1. Vypressovyvany and zapressovyvany rubber shpindelny plugs it is made by means of special adaptation, - before installation the new plug should be moistened with soap solution.



  1. Installation is made upside-down, - track observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head Podvesk and steering to efforts of tightening of carving fixture.