10.2.5. Removal, service and installation of the main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling

Hit of brake fluid on the painted body surfaces is accompanied by risk of damage of a paint and varnish covering, - incidentally got splashes should be deleted immediately with dry rags or pure paper towels!


Details of installation of the main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling

1 — the Line of a hydraulic path
2 — the Hose from the GTTs tank

3 — the Nut
4 — the Main cylinder
5 — Sealing laying


  1. Pump out hydraulic liquid from the GTTs tank (alternatively the tank can be muffled by a podkladyvaniye under a cover of a polyethylene film). By means of a special cap key with a cutting head disconnect a tube of a hydraulic path of the drive of switching off of coupling from the main cylinder.
  1. Release fixing nuts (one of a motive compartment, the second of salon) and remove the main cylinder from a partition of a motive compartment.



  1. In case of need wring out the piston down, take a lock ring

also take the cylinder to components, working as their numbering,

1 — the Clamp (a lock ring)
2 — the Persistent washer of the piston
3 — Assembly of the piston with a secondary cup
4 — Primary cup
5 — the Returnable spring
6 — the Hose to the tank
7 — the Landing plug
8 — the Case of the main cylinder
- for extraction of internal components give compressed air to the cylinder.

At removal of a lock ring try not to damage the surface of the piston contacting to a pusher.

  1. Spread out the removed components on a pure surface and wash out them brake fluid.
  2. Estimate degree of wear of the piston, primary and secondary cups and a mirror of the cylinder whether check the returnable spring weakened. Replace defective components.
  3. Assembly is made upside-down, edges of the piston and cups before gas station in the cylinder should be greased with pure brake fluid.
  4. Fill the assembled cylinder with fresh brake fluid, then empty it, having wrung out the piston the screw-driver, - liquid has to merge through an exhaust outlet.



  1. Installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components, - do not forget to replace sealing laying, track observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head the Transmission line to efforts of tightening of carving fixture.

For tightening of a nipple nut use a cap key with a cutting head.