1.7. Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply

Start by method of towage or pushing is accompanied by risk of failure of the catalytic converter, and on the models equipped with AT it is not possible at all!

The detachment from the battery of a negative wire always has to be made first of all, and connection - in the last!

Use of the auxiliary power supply will help to make start of the engine in an extreme situation, however then it is necessary to find out and remove the battery discharge cause. Are among the most typical reasons:  

When performing start of the engine from the external power supply it is necessary to pay attention to observance of some special precautionary measures:

The scheme of connection of the auxiliary power supply for start of the faulty car

П oryadok of connection of wires:
1 — the Positive plug of the failed rechargeable battery
2 — the Positive plug of the auxiliary battery

3 — the Negative plug of the auxiliary battery
4 — the Mass of the engine


  1. The rechargeable battery is located on the KIA Sportage cars in the right back corner of a motive compartment. The positive plug of the battery is equipped with a protective cover which should be dismantled previously, - connect the end of a red wire from a special set to the positive plug of the emergency battery (1), connect its second end to the positive plug of the auxiliary battery (2); connect one end of a black wire to the negative plug of the auxiliary battery (3), the second - to reliably grounded point (4) on the engine.
  2. Make sure that connecting wires do not adjoin to moving components in motive compartments of both cars (a krylchatka of the fan, driving belts, etc.).
  3. Perform the standard procedure of start of the engine. Leave the engine working at single turns. For the purpose of prevention of throws of tension at the time of a detachment of an electrical wiring include a heater of back glass and the fan of a heater, then disconnect wires, working as it should be, the return to an order of their connection. At the end of the procedure switch off excess consumers of the electric power.